The evening before this year's Tombomb Wahine Classic, the waves rolled in barely rideable. We spent the night camping on the beach half awake listening to the surf. Never ones to let the lack of waves dull our fun, we had Plan B in motion thanks to Iko Balanga of Anelakai Adventures and his SupSquatch, but we all know - surfing rules! When the sun came up we called it "Rideable!" and off we went. All day the waves came in clean and steady, albeit small, but perfect for all the different levels of surfers who had come out to show their stuff and share some waves with friends. A rainbow reached from the ocean to the clouds, mimicking this year's T-shirt design, created by Mike Rasay of Rasay Photo and Desing. We took that as a good sign and the waves kept rolling in, smiles kept broadening, and good times kept up all day.