What an amazing day that turned out to be (despite the lack of surf!). Many thanks to all of you for your flexibility, enthusiasm, and willingness to try something new. We hope you had an awesome time and met a few new friends!

Below are links to the photo albums available online. There are tons of photos so hopefully you enjoy reliving the day as much as we did!
Photos by Pete Orelup CLICK HERE

Photos by Abra Pintor CLICK HERE

Miscellaneous Photos by the crew :) CLICK HERE

And also a big MAHALO to our sponsors. We couldn't do it without any of them. Special thanks to Mel Behasa for running the heats, Tony Sargis & Krista Donaldson for the inspiring words all day, Rebecca Villegas for her Lei Po'o wisdom, and Rebekah Lussiaa for running the obstacle course, and the rest of our amazing team.