Meet Keelie Carlucci, the stylish-surfer-slash-budding-photographer behind some of our favorite images. We love how Keelie not only embodies the Tombomb spirit in her everyday life, but how she captures it so completely in each of her images. We sat down to find out a little more about what inspires her, shapes her choices, and where’s she’s going from here.

Name: Keelie Carlucci
Age: 17 years old
Book: Any Shel Silverstein
Movie: Ace Ventura Pet Detective is just one of them
Song: This is the hardest question on here. But ill have to say it’s probably something by Elton John, Nirvana, Sublime, or Tame impala.

1. What or who inspired you to start shooting photos?

A close family friend, Meghan Spelman and just having so many beautiful friends that i loved taking photos of.

2. We always love how you portray tombomb in the photos you’ve taken - can you describe what tombomb means to you?

I feel like I speak for all girls in the kona community when I say that Tombomb is more than just a brand, its a way of life. i’ve grown up surfing and skating, while doing runway shows aswell. I think that portrays a common example of a Tombomb. I love to include a Tombomb lifestyle and items in my photos because of the message it brings, that girls can be glammed up one day and charging huge waves the next day.

3. Any tombombs or people who inspire you in life/surf/photography?

Kelia Moniz and Coco ho definitely have been two women I've looked up to my whole life and continue to. They’re both are badass surfers with a balance of modeling and still having fun not taking things too seriously.

4. What’s your dream adventure?

Exploring all of Europe. Italy is probably where I'd like to go most, i would love to see where my family came from and experience the culture.

5. Describe your signature style.

My style changes everyday. I love to explore new things and styles. With photography I love to go from outdoor photo shoots to studio shoots with big fashion statements. As long as i’m being creative i don’t usually put a border on my style.

6. What’s your personal motto?

“If you know you can do better, then do better”. This quote made me fall in love with new challenges. It in a way made me overcome a lot of challenges that I normally wouldn’t even attempt. Though my goals change daily I know I don’t have apologize for being ambitious and strong minded.

7. What’s your favorite tombomb photo you’ve taken and why?



I love this photo. It captures the joy these young women truly have. I love the fact that no one is posing, they’re all smiling and enjoying each others love and company.  

Keep up with Keeli on Instagram @caapture